Ootake est un émulateur PC-Engine en provenance du Japon et basé sur PC2E, tournant sous Windows 98/2000, XP, Vista et 7.

– The shortcut keys was added. [Alt]+[1-4]…The size of the window is
switched when playing a game. * If the window size of x4 or x3 is set, the
power of PC is necessary to some degree.
– The shortcut keys was added. [Alt]+[Enter]…Full screen and the window
mode change.(same [F12])
– Some volume balances when playing a CD-Game have been adjusted. I think
that the tone quality of the CD-DA sound improved, too.
– When « PC Engine Mouse » is connected (« Input->Mouse » menu), it corresponded
to operation with « Multi-Tap » (« Input->Multi-Tap » menu).
If « Multi-Tap » menu is turned on, it becomes the following.
[1P connecter]…Mouse, [2P connecter]…#1Joypad
As a result, in the shooting game of « Tokimeki Memorial », it is possible
to play comfortably.
– The speed and timing were brought close to the movement of a real machine.
In the stage 3 of « The Kung-Fu (China Warrior) », the problem that the
raster scroll occasionally flickered was solved.
– With the setting of « CPU->Perform SpriteLimit » menu, the bug that had not
occasionally functioned correctly (generated from v2.63) was corrected.
– Additionally, a detailed part has been improved and corrected.

Télécharger Ootake (2K/XP/Vista/7/8/10) v2.98 (1.4 Mo)

Télécharger Ootake (98/SE/Me) v2.71 (368.4 Ko)

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