Ciro vient de mettre a jour son célèbre frontend pour l’émulateur M.A.M.E.

Voici les améliorations:

• If a favorites list have only one game, EL was not updating the list nor returning to the normal list.
• Fixed a filename on the PGM Bios.
• Status Bar was not being updated after refreshing a game.
• The games list was not being reloaded after using Update Games Descriptions and Update Games Categories options.
• The Version Added information was not being updated on the games .dat files after refreshing the games list.
• Access violation error when using Automatic Game Information, if mameinfo.dat or history.dat file is not found. =))))))

• The frontend is now compiled using Delphi Update Pack #2;
It seems to be working fine now… very strange that it didn’t worked a few months ago.
• The Game Size information is now added directly into the games virtual list.


• Game Size information processing is faster and the file GameSize.dat doesn’t need to be kept loaded into memory all the time.


• New hot-keys:
F11 – Show previous picture
F12 – Show next picture
F9 – Show next picture type
• Detection of bad .ZIP files
Found a way to detect corrupt or incomplete .zip files. This doesn’t prevent the frontend to lock-up though. If a bad file is found, an error message will popup, showing the filename (with full path).
• Preliminary support for Hard Disk Images audit (.chd files).
Note that this feature only works with unzipped .chd files, and the .chd file must be placed in a folder that has the same name as the game name.
e.g.: if your games are in folder c:mamegamesmame, then the .chd file location must be c:mamegamesmamearea51area51.chd
• New option: Audit Hard Disk Images
Enabling this option, when you audit a game that have a hard disk image (like game Area 51), the .chd file will also be audited. This option is necessary because the frontend needs to generate a MD5 checksum in real time, and since those files are big, it takes some time. Generating a MD5 checksum for a 500Mb file, may take from 1 to 10 minutes, depending on your system’s speed (and the media where it is).

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