L’auteur de cet émulateur Apple ][ pour Dos n’a plus le temps de poster chaque nouvelles updates et on passe de la .98d à la .98g.

0.98g: Fixed some bugs relating to the color settings. Tweaked amber: it now looks much more realistic.
0.98f: Removed /?, it takes too much screen real estate. You might ask why all these 0.98 versions: it’s not ready for prime time yet, so I don’t see 1.00 coming soon. I suspect my code has succumbed to creeping featurism.
0.98e: Fixed /?, this may be the last time /? is available.
0.98d: Another workaround for Xevious, the /XEVIOUS switch… Added « real » documentation (dapple.man) in the *X style.

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