Nouvelle version pour cet émulateur Playstation 2 dont voici les quelques nouveautées:

– Stupid Bug in GUI AddText
– Speed Up the GUI drawing
– New GUI Feature : Style ( change by F4 ): swtich Default – Debug – FullScreen ( In the Window… for the moment )
– New GUI Feature : Execute ONE opcode – key F5

– Rewrite all COP1 ( FPU ) code
– Some Fix in CPU Core
– Speed Up the Interpreter Core.
– Now all opcode are prefetched before execution It can make time to open the file but the execution is faster.

– Remove the Bios File.
– I don’t use it for the emulation. Maybe in the future…

Télécharger NeutrinoSX2 v0.08.1 (1.8 Mo)

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