Paul Dunn & Mark Woodmass ont fait une grosse update sur cet Ă©mulateur ZX Spectrum.

Added OpenGL (fullscreen/Windowed mode) support – way cool, check it out. Might need a fast PC though.
Altered the functionality of the toolbar – rightclick some buttons to get more options, ie – you can right click the reset button and then choose a normal reset or a Usr0.
Fixed a possible startup Bug.
Fixed a bug with ULA Snow and a reset – also demos such as Yolka97 work properly now 🙂
Fixed a last used folder bug with zip files – it now opens the folder the last zip came from, rather than the temporary folder it extracted to.
Added the ability to load snaps with shift held down to avoid switching hardware, which is usefule for loading snaps made in 128k/+2 mode in a +2 emulation.
Fixed a bug regarding pauses and B increments which prevented Doomsday.tzx from loading.
Fixed a small bug that didn’t list zip files in the disk manager
Added undetected loaders to the speedloader detection list – Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade’s level loader, and Kentucky Racing. (Both Alcatraz).
Added Marko’s 10h Acceleration to the speedloader – it’s quite possibly the fastest non-flashloading system in any emulator 🙂
Fixed a bug in the tape browser that can cause lockups and BSODs on 9x machines.
Fixed more small bugs in the tzx editor to do with view positions and menus and such.
Added Sinclair InfoSeek pasting ability to the ArchiveInfo Block editor
Fixed an interrupt table overwrite bug in the z80 core
Fixes to the auto tape controls – might be better now, needs testing, but seems to stop when it should.
Now detects Windows NT in order to overcome certain slowdowns in windows GDI
Added Interface II Rom support (*.rom)
Added ZXPrinter output – save those listings to disk 🙂 Normal slow printing for compatibility, and a ROM trap for added speed in LLISTing. Use F1 (fullspeed) mode to speed up normal prints.
Added Kempston Mouse support.
Removed most of the old GDI graphics code, and added DirectDraw support.

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