Nouvelle release de RockNES (Dos) pour les 25 ans de son auteur Fx3.

– Joystick calibration is back again;
– Fixed state saving/loading (older files are not compatible);
– Fixed a bug in the mapper #1 (MMC1);
– Fixed FDS driver (partially), broken from rewrite;
– Fixed a bug in the CPU cycle counter;
– Fixed ‘no game loaded’ error threat;
– Fixed input setup on joystick detection error;
– Fixed MMC3 IRQs somewhat, still imperfect;
– Fixed a small issue with the dummy sound driver;
– Fixed PRG/CHR page masking, thanks to Vagla for pointing me this;
– Config file cleaned, removed some deprecated options;
– PPU timing tweaked, still imperfect due to line-based render;
– PSG driver cleaned up a bit;
– Color RAM i/o optimized;
– New NES palette, taken from Rockman Complete Works (PSX);
– EAGLE filter is back again;
– Documentation cleaned and partially rewritten;
– A few CPU tweaks, finally up-to-date, thanks Matt.

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