Billy Jr. a posté un premier screenshot d’un émulateur PC-FX en développement. A première vu ca tourne sous WIndows 🙂

Voici quelques infos concernant ce système non émulé pour le moment :

CPU: 32-Bit NEC V810 RISC Microprocessor running at 21.5MHz
COLOR: 16,777,000 maximum colors on screen from a palette of 16,777,000.
GRAPHICS CPU: 9 parallax scrolls, cellophane, fade, rotation, and priority effects.
VIDEO OUTPUT: NTSC standard output
BUILT-IN COMPRESSION: JPEG with Run Length compression, full-screen/true color decompression at 30fps. Kodak Photo CD compatible.
MEMORY: 2MB of RAM, 1.25MB of VRAM, 1 MB of ROM, 256KB CD Buffer, and 32KB back-up RAM.
SOUND OUTPUT: 16-Bit Stereo with 2 ADPCM channels and 6 sample channels at 44.1kHz.
CD DRIVE: Standard CD-ROM media, 2x speed drive.
DIMENSIONS: 132mm (w) x 267mm (d) x 244mm (h)
RELEASE DATE: December 23, 1994 (Released in Japan only)

Voila a quoi ca ressemble :

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