Nouvelle release pour CottAGE, elle corrige pas mal de problèmes :

Cbanges and fixes:
* Reorganized imports in all classes.
* Removed absolute paths in makecot.bat that caused it to fail almost everywhere.
* Fixed the clipping bug that affected 1943 and rocnrope where it caused an offset.
* Fixed the 1-pixel offset bug in scrolling games.
* Re-enabled mspacman.
* Re-enabled the old Pacman driver to use with pacman, mspacman, lizwiz, eyes, dremshpr, mrtnt, ponpoko
and theglob in order to have sound working again in those games.
* Encapsulated and changed all affected classes.
* Updated JEF version to 1.0 Beta 2.

CottAGE (Cott Arcade Generic Emulator) est un émulateur multi-arcade codé en Java. Basé légèrement sur MAME (Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator).

Télécharger CottAGE 1.6 (683.7 Ko)

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