Une seconde version Alpha de la v1.00 de Dapple est disponible, il s’agit d’un émulateur Apple ][ tournant sous Dos. Voici les nouveautés depuis la v0.99a :

1.00pt2: Renamed PAGEFLIP.C to VIDEO.C to reflect its new purpose as the
page-flipping code is no longer needed and was removed from 1.00pt1. Also
re-added (using the F3 key for mono/color from ApplePC) amber console
support. Removed redrawtext() completely, as it was a dummy function.
Fixed a bug in the new video.c where programs using characters 128-159 got
garbage (it looked rather like MouseText).

1.00pt1: New video code contributed. There is a performance hit as
interrupts are made every 65, rather than 32767, cycles, but it’s worth
it to get rid of those damn lines. Monochrome etc. is gone for awhile.
Dapple 1.00 might be the last version, as I move on to bigger and better
things (a new Apple //e emulator!) Don’t worry, it’ll have the same home
as Dapple and will still have a few of Dapple’s more exotic features.

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