Une nouvelle version de RockNES vient de sortir, elle corrige pas mal de problèmes :

– Fixed PRG/CHR page masking (whoops);
– Fixed coin bit detection for VS Unisystem;
– Fixed a problem in the sprite render;
– Small fix in the CPU reset;
– Sprites RAM is now readable, fixes some games and demos (Froggy is ok);
– Fixed NES movies (joypad data logging);
– Fixed CRC32 calculation if a trainer is present;
– Fixed PRG data loading if a trainer is present;
– Fixed a major problem with the gamegenie driver;
– Fixed some possible memory corruption;
– PSG volume level changed to v*23/16;
– Fixed broken Famicom DiskSystem driver (FDS);
– Added message display for FDS operations (of disk insert/eject, side);
– Added ability to detect what’s paged on $6000-$7FFF (for CPU dumping);
– Added mapper #87 support (PlayChoice-10 The Goonies);
– Preliminary mapper #241 support (Edu, unplayable);
– Fixed mapper #4 IRQs, still imperfect;
– Fixed mapper #7 crashes (Cobra Triangle works fine);
– Fixed mapper #15, but the CHR is corrupted?! (hacks and xxx-in-1 games);
– Fixed mapper #32 (Image Fight);
– Fixed mapper #73 IRQ timing (Salamander);
– Fixed mapper #90 IRQ flag (fixes Super Mario World score);
– Fixed mapper #94 (jap. Commando);
– Fixed mapper #97 (Kaiketsu Yanchamaru);
– Fixed mapper #160 (Aladdin, preliminary IRQ);
– Fixed mapper #187 (unofficial SF/KOF games);
– Fixed mapper #189 (Yoko SFII/Master Figther II);
– Fixed mapper #225 (xxx-in-1 games);
– Fixed mapper #226, but the CHR menu is corrupted?! (76-in-1);
– Fixed mapper #227 (1200-in-1, problems with its info);
– Fixed mapper #232 (Codemasters’ Quattro games);
– Fixed mapper #235 (xxx-in-1 games);
– Optimized MMC5 WRAM status reading;
– Minor fixes to the GUI;
– A few core cleanups and tweaks, it’s really fast;
– Compiled with Allegro 4.1.7 and lastest gcc package.

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