Un des meilleurs plugins vidéo pour émulateur N64, en fait LE meilleur pour les cartes a base de 3DFX. Depuis que Dave2001 a arreté le projet, il a été reprit par Gonetz.

– Depth problem, which affected many games, is fixed – compatibility is increased noticeably.
– gSPForceMatrix command for F3DEX1.XX microcode is implemeted – Rayman 2 works
– Hacks in texrect and fillrect to avoid black screen in Zelda MM « Link meets princess Zelda » cut scene and in between days
– Backwards culling for Backwards viewport – fixed DKR Adventure 2 mode (mirrored tracks) – Dave2001
– Hacks in texrect and fillrect to remove black rectangle under Banjo in Banjo-Tooie
– Fix/Tweak of incorrect combiners in many games. E.g. color of a flame in Zeldas is as close to original, as possible 🙂
– Missing combiners in many many games are implemented – visual quality is improved
– Added many uCode crc into INI file – much less chance to get « uCode crc is not found in INI » error message
– Many other small fixes

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