Toujours en développement, notre émulateur Apple ][ tournant sous Dos. Voici l’ensemble des nouveautés depuis le dernier build posté sur Emu-France :

1.22: Hooked the $1B interrupt, so that Ctrl-Break is effectively ignored
except in the emulation itself. This time it works properly!

1.21: Ctrl-Break now resets, although when F10 is pressed, you see ^C. A
cosmetic problem only; other than displaying ^C, nothing happens. (This
could be very easy to solve, but I have to figure this out. It seems to
be tied to the $1B interrupt; I hooked $23.)

1.20: Reconstructed 1.12 from unreleased version 1.10 after all later
versions failed to boot (WAI NE!!!) – good thing I kept 1.10 around.

1.12: Begun work on improving 65SC02 support; fixed a bug (I didn’t grok
BBRx) in the 65SC02 disassembler functionality. Wrote (it’s not linked in
yet) a routine to determine whether an enhanced //e ROM is active, because
you cannot use the NMOS 6502 on an enhanced //e.

Télécharger Dapple 1.42 (1.5 Alpha 3) (423.2 Ko)

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