FoxM1, ce superbe frontend pour l’émulateur sonore M1 vient de voir le jour en version 1.11, voici les améliorations:

* Fixed a bug that prevented FoxM1 from being able to find and use ROMs in
the root folder of a drive, such as a CD-ROM. ( eg. D: )

* Added a much nicer-looking VU meter! It’s multicolored, and it supports
peaks. Much better than the standard MFC Progress Control I was using
before. It’s also fully customizeable! Check out the new options! 🙂

* Updated the copyright notice above for 2003.

* Corrected a problem (not really a bug) where hitting ENTER or ESC would
quit the program. You must now use ALT-F4 or the mouse to quit.

* You can now correctly select items using the keyboard in both the ROM
Browser and the SoundClip Browser.

Télécharger Demul (x86) v0.5.8.2 (852.9 Ko)

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