No$GBA, l’émulateur Game Boy Advance sans sons ou couleurs (au choix) est maintenant disponible en version Dos. Les limitations sont hélas tjrs les même…

– dos: internal memory (de-)allocation manager (supports best-fit allocation)
– dos: exeloader supports upx’ed progdata (working relocation and decompression)
– dos: keyb and timer interrupts double-hooked in protected mode and real mode
– dos: raw-dos/extended-mem A20 enable (not sure if required EACH pmode_kick?!)
– dos: xcept warning messages in dynamic textboxes with automatic line wrapping
– dos: upx 32bit/pe help text overlay de/compression (and max compress size>64K)
– dos: also working in raw dos mode (ie. without vcpi/emm386 interface)
– dos: keyboard game controls 32bit interrupt hooked within int descriptor table
– dos: hires 640×480 detects & supports VESA bios/driver or tseng ET4000 chipset
– dos: includes 16bit loader for 32bit mainprog as ‘stub’ directly in no$gba.exe
– dos: virtual 32bit vram addressing (selects 64K vram banks upon page faults)
– dos: successful exitback from 32bit to dos with clean vcpi/xms deallocation
– dos: 32bit/exe working & alive with 16bit/dos!! (mem alloc, filesys, dos INTs)
– help: added note that KEYCNT interrupt is not suitable for normal user input
– help/webpage: removed $1000 single user licence (there was no real/commercial
interest, except that a lot of kids believed that it was addressed to gamers)

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