La nouvelle version de mame32 est à présent disponible.

Added code to ROM loading dialogue to visually indicate user intervention when the game being launched may not work due to ‘no good dump’ this will match the baseline Mame [press ok to continue]. Examples include the game Astyanax, 64th Street etc. [Chris Kirmse]

Return to baseline non-I686 compile as it prevented Mame32 working on a variety of machines. [John IV]

Made numerous code changes to allow Mame32 to be compiled with the new MinGW 2.0 package. [Chris Kirmse / Mike Haaland]

Distribution compiles are now done using above mentioned MinGW 2.0 package. [John IV]

Added code to allow for a tooltip to appear showing the full name of a game whose description is cut-off by column width in details/grouped view. Hover cursor over game to activate. [Andrew Kirmse / Chris Kirmse]

The default foldersFavorites.ini has been cleaned out. Now that it is easy to drag and drop or secondary click to add games from the main list to the custom folders, it no longer needs to serve as an example using personal favorites. Be sure to backup existing foldersfavorite.ini if using the built in installer version of the Mame32 distribution. [John IV]

Tweaked code for drag & drop of games into custom folders. In a custom folder to drag an item out for deletion, it must go out of the game list pane either left, right, up, or down beneath the last item in the pane or further out of the GUI. [Chris Kirmse]

Reworked internal file handling code to interface with Aaron’s substantial core updates. [Chris Kirmse]

Submitted code suggestion to allow for more granular sorting and display of items in the Manufacturers view, so companies will no longer be grouped with others incorrectly. [René Single]

Created new main icon and about.bmp ‘LadyBug Homage’. [John IV]

Fixed ascending/descending toggle via View • Arrange Icons for columns other than Game. Added some logic to the -listsourcefile column display. Prevented color depth and refresh rate settings from being displayed if games are played in windowed mode. [René Single / Chris Kirmse]

Made Misc. art option gray properly when its parent control was deselected. [Chris Kirmse]

Submitted code to clean up some issues with the list and small icons view and icons squishing in details view upon return from another view like large icons. [René Single / Chris Kirmse]

Upgraded Mame32 to utilize the new common controls from Windows XP, allowing the proper look of an XP application without the need for an external manifest file. [Chris Kirmse]

Added ability to rename custom folders from the tree view, secondary click on them and choose rename folder from the context menu, or click the name of the folder three times quickly. [Chris Kirmse]

Added the ‘Source’ folder view, this will display all the driver.c files and all the games within each family. [Mike Haaland]

Removed the foldersBIOS.ini as it is now obviated by the built-in Source folder view. [John IV]

Added -sourcefileinfo information to the general tab for each games’ properties, to easily and quickly see what driver family a game belongs to. [Chris Kirmse]

Added the long requested clone offset a.k.a ‘Grouped’ view. This will display the parent games flush left, with all their clones alphabetized beneath them indented inward. Excellent for grouping the clones whose names may be considerably different than their parents, and allowing typing the name of the game to take you to the parent set immediately. [John IV / Chris Kirmse]

Reworked the Startup Options to now be Interface Options, and added checkboxes to support Aaron’s new disclaimer / info screen toggle. [Chris Kirmse]

Added new switches -rdtsc / -pause_brightness to match the core. [Chris Kirmse]

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