Voici quelques améliorations que nous proposeras la futur release de nebulm2:

Fixed SCSP playing speed and improved emulation.
Added Dynamite Cop (model 2B version, but it needs some roms redumped)
Emulated protection for Zerogunner (2B), Pilot Kids (2A), Dynamite Cop (2A and 2B) and Dead or Alive (2A).
Zerogunner (model 2B version) works but it’s missing enemies explosions and shots.
Added Model 2C DSP emulation. It has lots of bugs but games work: House of the dead (severe gfx problems), Sega touring car championship (needs digital sound roms dumped, and has gameplay problems (bad collission detection, speed is wrong)), Behind Enemy lines (game is totally playable), Top Skater (needs digital sound roms redumped, missing controls emulation)

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