Nouveau Mame, nouveau Emuloader, en voici les nombreuses améliorations:

• Custom resolution value was not being read correctly on MAME Default Options and Game/Driver Custom Options screens
• Inverted sorting when initializing the frontend with favorite games
• When switching between normal and favorite games, the last selected game was not being selected
• Get 3rd Emulator Default Description menu option was not getting the description from the third emulator binary
• Rename Picture and Delete Current Picture was not working if the snapshot folder was not inside Emu Loader’s folder (in-game snapshot only)

• Logo image design is changed a little bit (no progress bar anymore)
• File resourcesimages opwindowGameColumns.png is changed
• Columns can’t be changed by « drag and drop » anymore
• Show / Hide Games List Columns menu item is renamed to Games Columns Editor (main menu View)
• Message Digest 5 routine (MD5 checksum) is replaced by a new one that gives a correct result for huge files (100Mb and up)
• The old ZIP / UNZIP routines are replaced by the ZipForge component, which works much better… and easier 😀
The good thing: no DLLs are required anymore.
The bad thing: games list create and games update features are faster, hehe !

• Progress bar totally removed from the project
ALProgressBar component is not needed anymore
• Show Progress Bar Border option
• Logo pb.bmp files are not needed anymore (progress bar images)
• File unzip32.dll is not required anymore

• Audit Games feature is super fast!
• Replaced a bunch of variables by arrays. Arrays use less RAM memory to store data, and it’s easier to maintain the source code
• Show Pictures is a little faster
If you select a master game, and then select one of its clone games, the picture of the master game will not be reloaded, saving time and speeding up the games scrolling
• Automatic Game Information loading is a lot faster (all texts are loaded into a memory stream)

• Columns Order Restore implemented and fully working!!!! Finally, I did it 😀
Thanks AzzaAzza69 for his BIG push… again 😀
All columns can be hidden and be at any order you like (except Description column)… and best of all, when you restart the frontend, their positions and sizes WILL be restored the way they were
It has a major bug though. Depending on where you put the column, the sort routine doesn’t work 🙁
• Detection of bad and empty .ZIP files… finally
Emu Loader will not lockup if a corrupt, incomplete or empty .ZIP file is found! 😀
• Preview images are now unzipped to memory, thanks to ZipForge
Games scroll is a little slower though… or it’s just me ???
• Replacing the progress bar, a « xxxxxx of xxxxxx » text will be shown in the status window so you can track progress
• Added a progress bar on Audit screen when auditing the large .chd files 🙂
• New implementation of Rename Current Picture, Delete Current Picture, Delete All Extra Pictures features
Rename / delete pictures directly inside the .ZIP file. No need to unzip pictures before renaming/deleting…
Note that it may take a few seconds to rename/delete the files inside the ZIP, depending on the contents of the file
• Added game FAQ to the Automatic Game Information feature
• All new options of MAME 0.63 are added (I hope I didn’t forgot anything):
– Pause Brightness
– Log to Debug
– Skip Disclaimer
– Skip Game Info
– RDTSC (Win32 MAME only)
– inipath can now be empty (???)
– ST-V Bios and all its games are being correctly detected
• Controller Keys also works with DOS MAME now

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