Ciro vient de releasé une version « buxfixe » du dernier emuloader, voici les améliorations:


• Automatic Game Information was generating an access violation error on initialization
• Another access violation error when no games are loaded on initialization
• Preview image filename was not being added in the image’s hint if the image is unzipped, making impossible to rename/delete images


• Hard-disk images audit is a little different
There is a new file on Emu Loader’s main folder, called chd_md5.ini. This file contains MD5 checksums of all .chd files (full file scans)
You can manually add checksums for new games, but remember that those checksums are based on the entire file, not just the header (as MAME checksums)
Also, the file size is also shown, based on the real size of the .chd file (MAME only shows « 0 bytes »)

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