Bananolu a updaté son site avec quelques infos :

Of course I forgot to give credits to Ben Jos Walbeehm from the Logiqx Team for the original (Full) MAME Testdrivers dat. With last MAME versions, I did work with Bluehawk to get such a dat, but since it was already done I took this one as a base for the usual modifications (mainly to avoid dupes with other RM collections). Obviously, I don’t want to take off any credit from anybody when I edit some data or headers and add my name to another one’s work. If anyone seriously thinks I ripped or steal anything anywhere anytime, I beg you to contact me, then we’ll have a chance to deal fairly on future jobs.

More generally, I want to thank here all people who have by their work contributed to the emu-scene and make things publicly available for the sake of Retrogaming. Many people are involved, and here on this site we will always try to offer you the best of what we find useful from them.

By the way, I hope everyone here is visiting each of the websites in the links section quite often, ’cause they’re inevitable. Please tell me if you think one is missing there.

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