Rice a releasé une nouvelle version de son plugin non officiel, toujours basé sur les spécifications de Zilmar. Cette nouvelle version supporte DirectX8 & Open-GL. Plus d’infos sur ce thread.

– Complete reorganize the whole project with C++ style, so I can support both DirectX and OpenGL, and to support different version of OpenGL variants.
– Support OpenGL 1.1, OpenGL 1.2, OpenGL 1.3, Nvidia OpenGL extension for TNT/TNT2, Nvidia OpenGL register combiner extension for Geforce and later chips, (Of course, still support DirectX 8.0/8.1)

There are still many many problems left to fix or to solve. The DirectX 8 part of the plugin should be the same as the previous version (with some minor bug fixes, and I may have introduced new bugs.) OpenGL part supports all the basic drawing primitives. Advanced features like sprites, GBI2 BGs, frame buffer emulation have not been added yet. Remember that it is only a AS IT release. I know there are many bugs. Anyone can report them, but don’t expect me to fix them soon.

Les sources du plugin sont disponible dans le thread.

Télécharger GBA Emulator (Francais) 0.10 (218.7 Ko)

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