Toby vient de mettre a jour son musée arcade:

Sega Bits
Added Shiki Megami No Shiro 2, a great looking shooter and the follow up to the original on Taito G-Net hardware to the Naomi Hardware page, thanks to Zerogunner2.
Added some more Mega Tech games including Alien Storm, Columns, Crackdown, Fire Shark, Spiderman and Wrestle War, thanks to F Nijhof.
Added 4D Warriors to the System 1 page, goodness knows why I didn’t spot this before, its even in MAME, I plead stupidity. Thanks to Mark for pointing it out.
Added Brain and moved Heavy Metal to the System 2 page, thanks to Arzeno Fabrice.
Added pictures to Jurassic Park, Super Visual Soccer and The J League Football to the System 32 Hardware page, thanks to R Belmont for the piccys.
Added some new pictures for Frogs on Vic Dual Hardware with the new overlay from MAME, thanks to J. Michael Bottorff.
Added some better pictures to Daytona USA 2 on Model 3 Step 2.1 Hardware, thanks to Tomas.
Added cabinet shot for Invinco/Headon2 Dual machine to the Vic Dual Hardware page, thanks to Greg Fife.
OK, nobody make any sudden moves or anything, but I’ve added something to the Sega midi page, the first update in over 2 years! wheee!, thanks to Zero Beats for the nice Manx TT Superbike midi’s.
O, and to everyone who bah ‘d me for adding Crazy Taxi High Roller saying it didn’t exist and was going to be Xbox only, ya boo sucks to be you 😛

Atari Bits
Added better screenshots to most of the games in the Hard Drivin’ Hardware page, as I have neglected it as Aaron pointed out 😉
Added some more manual numbers to the Manual Section, thanks to Kevin Eshbach.
Added some more information to the Seattle Hardware page, thanks to Mark.
Added cabinet shots to Anti Aircraft, Steeple Chase and Sky Raider, thanks to Greg Fife.
Added PCB shots to System 1 hardware, Crystal Castles and Space Duel, thanks to Tomas Dahlgren.

Konami Bits
Added Silent Scope Fortune Hunter to the unknown hardware page, thanks to Larissa.

Midway Bits
Added Atlantis Hardware page and moved Skins Game to it.
Added a PCB shot to Zeus Hardware, thanks to Guru.
Added a little information to the Killer Instinct Hardware page, thanks to Paul.
Renamed Zeus 2 hardware to Athens Hardware, thanks to Mark.
Added some more information to the Seattle Hardware page, thanks to Mark.
Added cabinet shots to Clowns, Top Gun and Guided Missile, thanks to Greg Fife.
Moved Lazarian from unknown hardware to Unique Hardware, thanks to Tom.

Namco Bits
Added a lot of games to System 10 Hardware, including GAHAHA Ippatsu-dou, GAHAHA Ippatsu-dou 2, Gamushara, Gunbalina, Geki Toride / Shou Space, Star Trigon, Taiko no Tatsujin 4, Tsukkomi Yousei Gips Nice Tsukkomi, Hard Puncher Hajime no Ippo 2 Ouja e no Chousen, Photo Battole and Honne Hakkenki, thanks to Yasu.
Moved Golgo-13 2 and Golgo-13 3 from Unknown Hardware to System 10 Hardware, thanks to Yasu.
Renamed « Kuru Kuru Fruit » to « Kurukuru Food », « Truck Kyosokyuko » to « Truck Kyosokyoku », « Panikuru » to « Panicuru Panekuru » and « Space War : Chocolate Vader Contactee » to « Uchuu Daisakusen : Chocovader Contactee » on System 10 Hardware, thanks to Yasu.
Added Star Trigon and pictures to the System 10 Hardware page, thanks to Mark.

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