Le site officiel de WinUAE a été updaté avec quelques infos concernant la v0.8.22 R5 en cours de développement :

Bugs fixed:

– CD32-mode media change detection
– SlowRAM detection fixes (Commando and more)
– more compatible CIA keyboard emulation (Back to the Future 2 and more)
– another bsdsocket.library emulation update
– another state restore fix
– fixed mouse problems in Space Crusade, Billy the Kid etc..
– writing to custom floppy images was unstable
– primary sound buffer-checkbox removed and disabled. It is useless and usually
only caused huge slowdown problems. NOTE: Users of R3 or R4: Make sure primary
sound buffer-checkbox is disabled.

New features:

– configurable boot priority and device name for regular (non-RDB) hardfiles
and virtual directory filesystems
– FPU state file support
– more compatible Action Replay 1 support
– « Middle-Mouse-Button -> ALT-TAB » works now in fullscreen mode
– configurable keyboard leds (DF0,DF1,DF2,DF3,POWER,HD,CD)

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