Nouvelle version de cet émulateur multi-arcades dont voici les améliorations:

* source/games/galpanic.c:
fix dsw for Steph (!), and add region byte from his notes in the mame driver…

* source/games/silkworm.c:
fix bankswitch code. rygar is now fully playble, but it breaks old savegames.

* source/video/: palette.c, palette.h:
new color mapper for the silkworm driver (allow direct memory writes)

* source/z80/: mz80help.c, mz80help.h:
new bankswitch method : z80_init_banks_gap and z80_init_banks_area_gap. Also fix bad hiscores/cheats for some z80 games.

* source/games/: cps1.c, cps1drv.c, driver.c:
major dsw fixes by steph, and added clones : sf2ceuc, dinou, cawingu, sf2g, sf2ud, sf2uf, and willow (real us version, the previous one is renamed as willowje)

* source/games/wrestlef.c: set adpcm_amplify = 2.

* source/games/biomtoy.c: add adpcm_amplify = 2 for Maniac Square.

* source/sound/adpcm.c:
now correctly saves bankswitch status in savegames, sound is now always correct when loading a savegame with adpcm sound.

* source/games/biomtoy.c: Enable Maniac Square and some dsw changes.

* source/games/: driver.c, silkworm.c, silkworm.h: Adds Rygar and Gemini Wing. Rygar has a problem and is not working.

* makefile, source/raine.c, source/gui/about.c:
0.37.2 : first version in 2003

* source/video/palette.c:
fix gunbird color mappers in 8bpp (sorry !), and add comments about it in the begining of the file.

* source/games/: driver.c, galpanic.c, galpanic.h:
fix lots of things in the galpanic driver and add the following games : fantasia, newfant, missw96, and fantsia2. It is faster too.

* source/games/tecmosys.c: Fix sprite priorities in Ninja Gaiden stage 2. Prevent top half of the ninja from blinking while walking. Also fix dipswitches and ym2203 volume.

* source/sound/: fmopl.c, fmopl.h: Update fmopl to latest mame version. (improves ym3812 sound quality)

* source/games/: cps1.c, cps1drv.c, driver.c: add dw (dinasty wars, world version).

* source/games/gunbird.c:
fix clones order for samuraia – sngkace and s1945 – s1945j to try to keep mame compatibility.

* source/gui/rgui.c:
the allegro bug related to menus is gone, so we can have the raine way of handling dialogs again. It allows to take gui snapshots using the ‘0’ key. I should fix this to use the generic snapshot key one day…

* source/gui/gui.c:
fix to load language files…

* source/games/toaplan2.c: Fixed graphics problem introduced in the latest revision and the okim rate for mahoudai and shippumd.

* source/games/wrestlef.c:
nlx_doom: Adjusted music speed and dipswitches.

* source/games/wwfsstar.c:
nlx_doom : Dipswitches fixes only.

* source/games/ctribebl.c:
nlx_doom : Fixed screen position and dipswitches.

* source/games/: doubled3.c, doubled3.h, driver.c:
nlx_doom : Fixed priorities in stage 5, inputs and dipswitches.
Added Double Dragon 3 original: Double Dragon 3 bootleg has a problem in the texts: they’re sometimes in the wrong place (weapon shop) and are not updated correctly (timer as example). Critical when you die by time over in stage 5

* source/: alleg/sasound.c, alleg/soundcfg.c, seal/sasound.c:
sound fixes by nlx_doom : avoid calling voice_set_position too often in allegro. Now we call it only once every 10 seconds, which allows us to get rid of these annoying clicks. In seal, just call this less often too, just to use less cpu (no clicks here !).

* source/games/megasys1.c:
minor sprite bug fix in peekaboo by nlx_doom

* source/games/nmk.c:
fix dying sound in tdragon2 (sorry !), and fix compilation warnings

* source/games/megasys1.c:
fix again the bad checksum fix in tshingen, add more automatic roms loading, and fix peekaboo sound.

* source/games/: driver.c, megasys1.c, megasys1.h:
me : automatic loading of roms for lots of megasys1 games, at least for the code.
– fixed p47j sound. – added clone : rodlandj.
-fixed speed hack for tshingen/tshingna.

nlx_doom :
– added tshingna
– Fixed the sound in hachoo and kickoff.
– Fixed the priority prom data in 64street, astyanax, avspirit, chimerab, cybattlr and hachoo.
– Fixed the sprite order in cybattlr, iganinju, plusalph and stdragon
– Fixed sprites priority in edf, hachoo and tshingen
– Fixed missing screens in iganinju, kickoff, plusalph and stdragon.
– Fixed the dsw protection for 64street, chimerab and cybattlr.
– General dipswitches fixes.

* source/games/toaplan2.c:
try to fix layers order (or more specifically video chips order) in batsugun. There is still something wrong though. bg0 (key f5) should not be drawn at the boss of level2, or should be drawn below and not over the bg… Also fix the year for bbakrada !

* source/gui/about.c:
make the Game Information dialog a little wider (for the history).

* source/emumain.c:
reset sound emulators too ! This fixes the bug where sound dies
mysteriously when you reset a game.

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