Le Spectrum est sans aucun doute l’ordinateur le plus émulé, grace a Vladimir Yudin il conforte sa première place avec cet émulateur tournant sous Windows. Cette version supporte partiellement les fichiers au format .TZX.

NEW: Added TR-DOS ROM support
New: Tape Reader on/off state now saved on exit
New: Now flash frequency adjustable through Video Options
New: Added Ports and Startup Tabs in Options Panel
New: Now you can ajust Kemston Joystick port or disabled it
New: Increased speed in MaxSpeed mode (about 20%)
New: FPS indicator toggled with Alt-F combination
New: Now Reset mapped on F12 key
New: If you hold Alt during Reset you switched to 48k Mode
New: If you double press F12 you reset in TR-DOS mode
New: In Options Panel added buttons Ok and Cancel
New: You can select startup mode: in Debugger or in Emulator
New: You can select reset mode on start of emulator
BugFix: Icons in Debuger
BugFix: Now on Reset port FE unchanged
BugFix: In TapeRader Rewind button don’t disabled on down arrow

Télécharger ZX-Emul Win 0.30b (678.8 Ko)

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