Nouvelle release de Nebula (le lien était pas encore disponible sur le site officiel au moment de posté la new), merci a une personne qui veut rester anonyme pour pas avoir de probleme. Pas mal de nouveautés :


– Added a Winamp jukebox option. Be careful as it’s a bit different than how Kawaks works. You’ll need to create a music mapping table (check the sample kof98.TRK file in TRACKLST directory) and nebula will replace the sound codes you indicate by the mp3/cd track/ogg/wav/… you specify in that file. You must have winamp running before loading a game that you created track lists for. The option to enable/disable it is in the Sound menu. It only works with Winamp 2.x.
– Improved the video plugin interface to support rendering plugins.
– Added a preliminary graphics renderer based in Direct3D. I highly recommend using it if you want to run in 32 bit desktop or play rotated games (19xx,dimahoo) as it is a lot faster than the Hardware Blit one in these cases. Also it has some projection features and any bright scanlines. Scanlines doesn’t work well with rotated games. You’ll need a video card with the following features :

* non square textures
* non power of 2 textures
* textures bigger than 256×256 pixels (sorry, no voodoo)


– Fixed « Step Frame » button in the shots factory
– Added King of Fighers 2001 driver


– Fixed « Step Frame » button in the shots factory
– Fixed Mega Twins music speed.
– Fixed missing sprites in Forgotten Worlds
– Fixed games crashing on 32 bit desktop


– Added Marx Matrix drivers.
– Fixed wrong flash frames in MvsC.
– Fixed some Dimahoo cheats not working (from the latest Mike_Haggar cheat collection file)
– Fixed games crashing on 32 bit desktop

MAJ : Lien Retiré 🙂

La release officiel a été repoussé, un fix devrait l’accompagné.