Un launcher / frontend pour l’émulateur Sony ps2 PCSX2.

Les améliorations sont les suivantes:


– Added a new feature that allows the rescraping of a game. Once initiated you are presented with a list of possible results, once you choose one the program will redownload the information and cover art and update it in your library.
– Program is now theme-able (although this feature isn’t entirely complete yet). You’ll find a new folder called Themes in the program folder which contains the default theme file you can use to edit the look of the program. There is also a built in editor(also not completely finished) which can be accessed in the settings options.
– Fixed an issue where entering and exiting TV mode multiple times would cause an out of memory exception.
– Fixed an issue where exiting TV mode would always return you to stacked view regardless of what view you were in when you initiated the TV mode change
– TV mode has received small visual changes
– Several misc. changes to help improve and speed up the program



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