Nouvelle version de ce build non officiciel, disponible en ligne de commande ou avec l’interface mame32. En voici les améliorations:

– Tweaked transparent UI codes for performance, palette map updates only when needed [BUT]
– Disabled profiler which should not be enabled in non-debug version. Now MAME Plus! runs at the same speed as official build [Emuman]
– Added Korean translation [과자두개]
– Added codes and created 12×12 Gulim font for Korean support (decode standard: KSC-5601-1987) [Emuman]
– Save settings for autofire delay [BUT]
– Handle mame.ini and mame32.ini by full path for WindowsME [BUT]
– Display history.dat / mameinfo.dat in other directories specified in mame.ini [BUT]
– Fixed cheat display out of width [BUT]
– Display GUI column header on startup [BUT]
– Remove « Show Command » menu from in-game UI in non Japanese / Chinese version [BUT]
– Updated IPS Collection
– KOF99 Remix Final 0.3b by Raymonose (modified some specials/supers, even includes some new moves, cool! rough description here)
– Prototype patches for kof99p, garoup, fightfev

Plusieurs drivers ont également été mis à jour.

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