Nouvelle update du coté de chez unMAMEd :

[02 Feb ’03]What a surprise – back from a short vacation in Hokkaido to find a new MAME release! Quick update for MAME 0.64. Removed « Modeler » games that are in MAME since they’re working with the background, more or less. Also removed Crowns Golf, Ultimate Tennis, Stone Ball, Cheese Chase, Mahjong games, Strato Fighter, Edward Randy, Mutant Fighter / Death Brade, Wizard Fire / Dark Seal 2, Enforce. Also removed Birdie Try, Quiz F1 and Gunbarich since they were in MAME 0.63 (not in whatsnew.txt, argh! 😉 Finally, added Rogha Armor Attack, Nitroball, and Avengers in Galactic Storm to testdrivers.

Je rappel que ce site contient une liste exhaustive des jeux non (ou mal) supporté dans MAME…

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