Stephh a posté sur sa page web un driver ms32.c mis à jour, il a fixé les Inputs et Dip Switchs pour quelques jeux.

Tourniquet a aussi mis à jour sa page avec un nouveau driver Psikyo SH2, en voici les améliorations:
S1945II: Small subs are back over the water, but ships are under the clouds correctly. Also see level 6/7 and the zooming of the title logo is perfect now.
Gunbarich: Time and lives counters are back and the cutscenes are still good.
Daraku: End quotes are visible now
Space Bomber: Check out level 5-4 boss zooming alpha-blended sprite and watch the now 100% correct attract mode sequence.
Sol Divide: The tilemap-based fades now work

En savoir plus…