Des infos concernant le prochain build de WinUAE ont été posté sur son site officiel, la date de sortie est prévu pour la dernière semaine de Février (2003 bien sur).

Bugs fixed:

– CD32-mode media change detection
– SlowRAM detection fixes (Commando and more)
– more compatible CIA keyboard emulation (Back to the Future 2 and more)
– another bsdsocket.library emulation update
– another state restore fix
– fixed mouse problems in Space Crusade, Billy the Kid etc..
– writing to custom floppy images was unstable
– primary sound buffer-checkbox removed and disabled. It is useless and usually only caused huge slowdown problems. NOTE: Users of R3 or R4: Make sure primary sound buffer-checkbox is disabled.
– PC Competitor interface’s second joystick works properly
– improved compatibility (USGold Murder, Crack Down, Liverpool, Pinball Hazard etc.. works)

New features:

– configurable boot priority and device name for regular (non-RDB) hardfiles and virtual directory filesystems
– FPU state file support
– more compatible Action Replay 1 support
– « Middle-Mouse-Button -> ALT-TAB » works now in fullscreen mode
– configurable keyboard leds (DF0,DF1,DF2,DF3,POWER,HD,CD)
– floppy write-protect state added to floppies-tab
– implemented write-support for images that don’t support writing natively (compressed images, CAPS-images)

Site Officiel

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