Nouvelle update chez unMAMEd :

[16 Feb ’03] Updated for MAME 0.65.

– Removed Mars Matrix, Jurassic Park, Mouser, Perestroika Girls, Ryuusei Janshi Kirara Star, Hayaoshi Quiz. Added link to dox’s, MACH 3 and Dorodon WIP.
– Updated Eagle Shot Golf, Charlie Ninja, and Mad Donna. Removed Zippy Race… apparently lots of people didn’t read the comments stating that it IS dumped but you need to change dipswitches to change the title screen.
– Also removed Hill Climber, Black Belt, Special Force, MotorDome, and Six Flags because they’re mechanical or pinball games.
– Also removed « Bears » since it was actually « Pairs ». There’s a few other updates left to do but I wanted to get this update out in a somewhat timely manner!

Je rappel que cet site regroupe l’ensemble des jeux connus toujours pas émulé sous MAME, la liste est corrigé au fur et a mesure des releases de l’émulateur…

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