Voici des nouvelles versions pour ce build non officiel de Mame et de Mame32. En voici les améliorations:

– Added CANAME custom buttons for all games [BUT]
– To utilize this feature, you need to define 4 custom keys from the Input menu, then select Custom Buttons menu, press 1,2,3,…0 (non NumPad key) on the keyboard to toggle key combinations. Another use is to play Psikyo shooting games with separate
– Autofire key
– Added command.dat support to Latin versions, sample available in English version sf2 [BUT]
– Updated CJK fonts. Required for command buttons [Emuman]
– Updated to Mameinfo Source v4.81 [MASH]
– Merged several game info related menus to Game Documents [BUT]
– Fixed confirm dialog for vector and artwork games [BUT]

NB: A noter que les versions optimisées Athlon/XP et P4 sont pour le moment abandonnées.

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