Nouvelle update sur la page WIP Model2 après celle d’hier, voici les changements du jour :

– Dead Or Alive : version exists for Sega Model 2A & 2B. 2B ROMset purchased and has arrived. Will be dumped soon.
– Fighting Vipers : Dumped and tested, working mostly OK with a few minor gfx issued as per usual
– Gun Blade NY : Causes it to get stuck on the easy level. (bugs in copro emulation etc)
– Last Bronx / Tokyo Bangaichi : Game starts, and is playable, has some
minor problems that need to be found (bugs in
copro emulation etc).
– House Of The Dead, The : Le status de l’émulation est passé a Good
– Sega Touring Car Championship : Le status de l’émulation est passé a Good
– Top Skater : current size. I’m not sure, this might have already been done…

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