Une nouvelle release de l’émulateur Nintendo64 « Mupen64 » est disponible. Les nouveautés sont nombreuses :

Noyau :

+ sram bug zelda oot fixed
+ flashram is working
+ a new interupt system that’ll enabled : more accurate timing in the future but can cause & some compatibility issues right now
+ bug in DMULT/DMULTU opcode fixed
+ some optimizations in jump instructions
+ sound plugins support implemented but not well supported, use sound at your own risk 😀
+ a clean tlb implementation
+ tlb exception handled correctly
+ compressed save states with slots
+ the whole memory map has been almost completes
+ newly emulated games include goldeneye, conker’s bad fur day and perfect dark 🙂

Version Windows :

+ Zipped Cache to Rom Browser
+ Multy slot save states
+ Md5 based Ini
+ Rom properties dialog
+ Sound support
+ Config plugins dialog, Allows you to chose and configure plugins
+ Multy directories in rom browser with recursion as an option
+ Audit roms dialog
+ Many bugs fixed and minor features added
+ (…)

Bon j’ai vu plus facile a configurer et ca rame sur ma merde 🙂

Télécharger Mupen64 v0.5.1 (2.0 Mo)

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