Andy a releasé une nouvelle version de son plugin SPU compatible PSEmuPro, voici les infos concernant cette releases :

– Improved PlayTimeCounter. It has become wise somewhat.
– Added process priority customize option.
– Added UnCheck all, Shuffle function.
– Added Header information editor.
– Changed displayed information.
– Improved playback method. Now, support Single, Repeat, Chane, Chane & Repeat Play.
– Added list decoration func. This is joke.
– Support original playlist[*.elt].
– Added playlist quick loader.
– Added SPUfile folder select dialog.
– Support UnOfficial Header information.
– Improved WAVE decode thread. You can abort while decoding.
– Added some PopUp menus. You can call it with right-click on the list.
– Added some menus to main window.

Je rappel que ce plugin est basé sur le SPU Player. Il vous permet de de rejouer les log PSX SPU créé a partir de Eternal SPU Plugin & des émulateurs compatible PSEmuPro…

Télécharger HuC (Dos) 2.21 (694.4 Ko)

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