Nouvelle version pour cet émulateur Playstation compatible avec les plugins PSEmuPro, voici les améliorations :

– Fixed bugs in RTPS/RTPT (RR4, « black shadow » problem)
– Added temporary patches for Tekken2 JP/NTSC, fixes totally screwed graphics. (will be removed later, when correct fix is implemented in the rec)
– Fixed « runaway » cdrom read bug, which screwed up timing.
– Removed « normalized cdrom timing », not needed anymore.
– Fixed VH2 game, works in software only, doesnt seem to work in opengl. (thnx Cless)
– Minor speedups and added some speedhacks (tell me if i screwed up some games okay? ;p)
– Fixed PE2 MDEC (environmental) bug which crashed game before Akropolis area.
– Fixed MDEC flag settings during DMA’s.
– Total code overhaul, well not apparent to you guys, but made major changes to the code. This might have screwed some games so tell me if it does. 🙂

Télécharger SNEM (Dos) 0.094 WIP (452.1 Ko)

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