The Guru a updaté sa section WIP Model 2, c’est parti pour les changements :

– Desert Tank : Update: We tried to buy them, but the shop can’t find them! Argghh!
– Sega Rally Pro Drivin’ : Seems like it’s not very common? If you find one, buy it and send it to me so I can dump it!
– Virtua Fighter 2 : Original version plus revisions A & B dumped
– Zero Gunner : Working OK, 2D graphics only, no 3D, no controls. Not playable.
– Dead Or Alive : Working OK. Uses a security board Sega part number 837-12880.
– Dynamite Baseball 97 : seems like it’s not playable, or at least very difficult to control via the keyboard….. 2D and 3D objects on screen with full textures but with some occasional graphics glitches
– Pilot Kids : Both 2A and 2B versions are dumped. The 2B version is just a ROM swap of the main program ROMs. The rest of the ROMs are common between both versions, though the actual locations of these ROMs is different between version 2A and 2B hardware. The dump is good (the only difference being the two 4M EPROMs for the main program) but it’s not tested yet. Uses Security Dongle Sega Part #837-13634-COM 171-7405B
– Zero Gunner (2B-CRX) : Version exists for Sega Model 2A,2B and *possibly* 2C. The 2A and 2B versions are dumped. Requires emulation of security dongle. Protection now emulated, game runs fine and is almost perfect. Some copro bugs cause bullets and explosions to be invisible which makes it mostly unplayable at this stage.
– Dynamite Cop : Versions are available for 2A, 2B and *possibly* 2C. 2A and 2B versions are dumped.
– Top Skater : Sound ROMs are dumped badly and need redumping at 2X their current size

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