Rice a releasé une nouvelle version de son plugin vidéo N64 sur ce thread.

OpenGL and DirectX :

– Fog fully works
– more texture released bug fixes and more speed
– Color combiner compiler fixes
– Gamma color correction option to enhance dark images
– More GUI options
– Z-buffer depth is configurable now, should be more compatible with video cards used to have zbuffer problems
– Others

OpenGL :

– Color combiner for nvidia is working almost flawless
– Viewport bug fix
– Texel 1 coordinates bug fixed.
– Using opengl pointer arrays for more speed

Les jeux suivants tournent mieux :

– Zelda 64 1 & 2
– Mario tennis
– 1080
– Waverace
– Papermario

Et les corrections de dernières minutes : The file is changed. A new file is uploaded to fix two found problems. Zelda 2 crashing problem (texture loading) and castlevania primary depth bug :

And a new option – Fast texture loading, it works and really fast.
And a new option to avoid image covering by toolbar.

Télécharger GBA Emulator (Francais) 0.10 (218.7 Ko)

En savoir plus…