Des nouvelles de cet excellent émulateur Megadrive :

I was planning to modify the Gens project status since a long time now and some recents changes in my personnal life (as a fulltime job) finally decided me.
I’ve less time to work on my personnal project and i think that Open Source can help to maintain Gens alive, that doesn’t mean i’ll personnaly stop development on Gens…I’m still here 🙂

But i hope that’ll help to have extra funsy features added. The project is maintened with SourceForge, click on the SF logo (bottom-left of the page) to open the Gens project page. The project isn’t enterely setup, but it’ll be done soon…

Voila le développement de Gens se ferra maintenant en Open Source via SourceForge. La page du projet se trouve ici

Site Officiel

En savoir plus…