Orkin a posté des screenshots du plugin vidéo N64 « glNintendo64() v0.4 » en émulation framebuffer High Resolution. Et franchement ca le fait 😉

Recently I’ve been working on frame buffer emulation that works without transferring the frame buffer back and forth between the system RAM and video RAM. This results in much better speed, and allows me to leave the resolution in the plugin’s resolution instead of scaling it down to the N64’s level. It also allows me to better emulate the N64’s flipping abilities (i.e. the Paper Mario flicker is gone now).

There are some downsides to this method though, for one thing I can’t make it nearly as complete as regular frame buffer emulation (for instance, I can’t emulate the CPU modifying the frame buffer), but it should work nicely with many games. The other downside is that this method takes quite a bit more memory since it uses much larger textures.

I plan on including this feature in the next v0.4 release of glN64(), which I plan on releasing as soon as I get all the bugs worked out (the frame buffer textures seem to be corrupting the regular textures sometimes).

Here are a few shots of the hardware frame buffer textures in Zelda: OoT.

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