Nouvelle version de cet émulateur Apple II, en voici les améliorations :

– Tweaked the font; if and when the code is adjusted, Mousetext can be switched from the original version to the later version.
– Blurry lo-res graphics option.
– Option to offset dots by 1/2 « pixel » in hi-res mode when the high-order bit is set, as the ][ and ][+ did.
– Added some of the NMOS 6502 illegal opcodes.
– Dapple ][ is now « officially » bilingual (English/German) although not all messages have been translated.
– Support for the AppleWin //e ROM.
– Manual ROM reload – you can put your ROM files anywhere.
– Experimental mouse support : you will need to have Apple Oasis and do « BSAVE MOUSE.ROM,A$Cn00,L$100 » (where n is the mouse port, default 4) onto a DOS 3.3 formatted disk, and use its Disk Manager to copy the file over to the MS-DOS side.
– Bugfix in the BRK opcode (BRK flag wasn’t being reset).
– Bugfix : IRQ masking was not emulated properly.
– Old Apple //e ROM passes self-test.
– Joystick centering tweaked.

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