Nouvelle release de cet émulateur MSX, Son noyau Z80 est basé sur celui utilisé par fMSX. Il s’agit d’un très bon projet :

– Added Jarek Burczynski’s YM2413 core. You can switch to the one you prefer in the Preferences window.
– The last ROM and Disk location are now remembered. However, drivea.dsk and driveb.dsk are not loaded by default anymore, you can change this by using the commandline switches /drivea and /driveb.
– Added ’64 KByte Mirrored’ memory type
– Sprites can now be enabled/disabled in screen 1 and 2
– Fixed a bug with the Z80 I register, which in turn fixed the MSX Audio
– Fixed a bug when handling a ‘disk not ready’, cracked versions of Psycho Soldier, Zoo, and possibly others are working correctly now
– Better memory mapper port handling when reading ports FC-FF
– Fixed problem with the MSX Mania Collection disks
– Better cleanup of DirectInput and DirectSound devices
– Better VRAM initialisation
– Much better refresh register handling (Z80 register R)

Télécharger NLMSX 0.48 (1.0 Mo)

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