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ProDOS disks now re-use deleted file entries. Prior to this fix, deleted entries were never re-used. If importing many files, a « Disk Full » error would be generated rather quickly.
ProDOS file entries do not generate spurious file entries. There was no method of detecting unused entries in pre-1.2.2 code.
Import file specification should only allow address editing if the filetype requires it.
Fixed parsing of filetype definitions for ProDOS volumes.
Need to be able to import into a directory in ProDOS. This will most likely involve adding an interface indicating a (writable) directory. This interface would be applied to both disks as well as file entries, if appropriate.
ProDOS subdirectories need to allocate another block as they fill up; otherwise the directory is limited to the number of entries that fit within the allocated space.
Import now sports a progress indicator and identifies which file is being imported.
Popup dialogs are now centered above the controlling window instead of popping up randomly.
Added a Hex Dump file filter that displays offset into file, hex bytes, and the ASCII code.
AppleCommander is now being built by an ANT script instead of by the Eclipse menu pick.

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