Nouvelle version pour cet émulateur de Zx Spectrum dont voici les améliorations:

– NEW: Added support of SCL file format
– NEW: Supported Pentagon 1024k memory extention model

– New: SCL file can be loaded from command line
– New: Change registers arrangement in CPU Panel (by STS standard)
– New: All setting of Memory Panel now saved on exit
– New: Esc now work in main ZX-Emul window too
– New: Full ajustable Attribute port (#FF) from Ports Option
– New: Debugger: Command ‘Set PC to Current Line’ (Ctrl-N)
– New: Now F2 open « Load Disk Images » Panel
– New: Added panel « Beta128 »
– New: All files searched in current, default and ZX-Emul dirs
– New: Memory Panel: Added mouse wheel support
– BugFix: Border don’t changed until it set to not black
– BugFix: LD iL,iH work like LD iL,H [i=X|Y] (Song in Lines bug)
– BugFix: CPIR/CPDR commands (Honey Commander infinity loop)
– BugFix: Behavior of FPS indicator
– BugFix: Error on copy from MemoryPanel to clipboard
– BugFix: Little fix of behavior of Keyboard Panel

Télécharger ZX-Emul Win 0.30b (678.8 Ko)

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