Nouvelle version pour cet émulateur de Nintendo 8 bits dont voici les améliorations:

– Add a chat window in netplay. Please refer to NetPlay_E.txt in detail.
– Add a setting item only of INI to GUI.Ex) Disk access lamps.
– Add GUI that each axis can set an analog axis of joystick independently.
– Add Barcode-Battler II connection of a Barcode World.(Thanks Xox) A dialogue uses a thing the same as DATACH.
– Add expansion sound file playback of Moero!! Pro yakyuu(J). Please refer to extra ExtSound_E.txt.
– Add mechanical sound file playback of a DISKSYSTEM. Please refer to extra ExtSound_E.txt.
– Add Mapper91/113/181/243.

– Improve a netplay function more. Please refer to NetPlay_E.txt.
– Change it to be able to set various folder setting with relative path (.abc or ..def).
Note) Set default setting in relative path.Note) Appointment with relative path of Launcher isn’t finished.
– Change an initial value of SRAM in $FF.(Low G Men)

– NMI a few revision.
– VolEffect a few revision of a triangle wave and noise.
– Correct a bug of a CRAM change of Mapper6.(Thanks yokanosuke)

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