Nouvelle release d’une des meilleurs version non-officiel de Mame32, voici les améliorations:

– Loads English command.dat if local version not available [BUT]
– Fixed input port bug when using -skip_gameinfo with -nojoy [BUT]
-Fixed DBCS word wrap for inp caption [BUT]
-Removed audit when refreshing game list in GUI [Sword]
-Updated UI codes to 0.66 [Emuman]
-Changed option routine [Sword, BUT]
-Adjusted the layout of property pages [Emuman]
-Fixed zip-inp support for GUI [BUT]
-Driver updates: drivers/neogeo.c:
*added state saving support [BUT]
*fixed inputport of hnkochou
*fixed sound rom loading of pbobble3, pbobble4 and clones [emuverse board]
*fixed enemy ship’s fire sound [DerrickRenaud]
*adjusted sound except Salamander series, Life Force series and blkpnthr [UNZu (ThunderMAME32jp)]

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