Nouvelle version pour cet émulateur Sinclair Zx Spectrum dont voici les améliorations:

– New: Added ReadTrack VG93 command (RDS Analise Track work)
– New: Support cache of Page0 in Scorpion Memory Models
– New: Alt+LeftMouseButton swap left and right mouse buttons
– New: TapeReader: Emulation of TapeIn sound
– New: Added Sound Options for adjust or mute sound volumes
– BugFix: VG93 command ReadSector (ZXPower#3 hang up)
– BugFix: OpenDisk Dialog and Emulator keypress synhronize
– BugFix: Trailing space sensibility in file name
– BugFix: InputField Calculator
– BugFix: VG93 command ReadAddress (FORMAT bug)
– BugFix: Access to Track 81
– BugFix: Border color on emulator start
– BugFix: Index command (like SET 4,(IX+#01)) can modify ROM
– BugFix: Initial state of mouse (programs don’t discover it)
– BugFix: Interrupt enabled in prefix chains and after EI/DI
– BugFix: TapeReader: Errors on tapes with more then 255 blocks
– BugFix: On snapshot opening border don’t changed in debugger

Télécharger ZX-Emul Win 0.30b (678,8 Ko)

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