Un nouveau Modp est sorti. C’est un player de son ordinateur/console/arcade, très polyvalent, en japonais. au programme des réjouissances :
Fixed skipping at playing PSF.
Improved latency time for PSF status display.
Some shortcut keys such as F9, F10 and F12 were disabled – fixed.
wav files weren’t played – fixed. (Thanx Tox2ro and Nikq)
Added modp radio channel support tentatively.
Now you can select the color for spectrum analyzer via « 0 »-« 4 » keys (full keyboard).
Decreased brightness for spectrum analyzer. Now modp pattern display should be easier to see.
Fixed some bugs caused by the last update.

Au passage, je rappelle que Winamp 2.9 (classique) est sorti officiellement.

Télécharger XGB (Français) 0.6 (37,3 Ko)

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