Cory Burr a releasé son émulateur Texas Instruments 99-4A tournant sous Windows appelé Win994a. Attention le tout pèse quand même plus de 5 Mo (!). Voici ce qui est supporté :

– Boots and runs all console ROM and GROM based functions including console BASIC.
-CRU bits for the keyboard are implemented; some CRU bits for the Disk
-Controller and RS232 Interface are implemented.
-TMS9918a video chip functionality is implemented.
-TMS9919 sound chip functionality is implemented.
-TMS5520 speech synthesizer chip is partially implemented.
-Full floppy disk and disk controller functionality.
-Full cassette tape functionality for CS1.
-32k Memory Expansion supported.
-Partial support for RS232 Interface.
-Support for one joystick input (using numeric keypad).
-Runs many, many cartridges correctly. Cartridges that depend on non-implemented CRU bits or non-documented video chip operation will fail. Other cartridges may fail due to bugs in the Win994a Simulator (major author apology).

Télécharger MZ80K 0.1.1a (206,4 Ko)

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