Attract-Mode est une interface graphique pour émulateur en ligne de commande comme Mame, Mess et Nestopia. Elle cache le système d’exploitation sous-jacent et est destinée à être contrôlée par un joystick, manette ou trackball, ce qui la rend idéale pour une utilisation dans des configurations de bornes d’arcade. Attract-Mode est open-source et fonctionne sur Linux, OS X et Windows. Il s’agit du build pour processeurs 32 bits.


Changements :
It’s time for a new release of Attract-Mode! Here’s what is new with version 1.5:
– Added ability to dispIlay MaLa layouts (vertical and horizontal). beta
– Various filter improvements (global filters, filter based on file availability, filter mechanical and CHD games)
– Added ability to display artwork and game information from multiple filters at the same time. Added a filter-grid layout with filters organized into separate grid columns.
– Added Ctrl-V clipboard pasting to config mode (Windows and OS X only).
– Added ability to configure an exit hotkey that forces an emulator to exit.
– Added liquid8d’s ExtendedObject, Animate and SpriteSheet modules.
– Improved importing of Steam information.
– Fixed artifacts when scaling videos at low resolution.
– Added ability to specify filter rules when generating/importing rom lists from the command line.
– Various improvements to the included screensaver and layouts, including configurable controls for Blinky in the Attrac-Man minigame.
– Scripting improvement: added « EndNavigation » transitions.
– Many, many other bug fixes and improvement.


Télécharger Attract-Mode (x86) v1.5 (14,8 Mo)

Télécharger Attract-Mode (x64) v2.5.1 (35,9 Mo)

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